Icecrown Citadel progress: Sindragosa

Yesterday evening Rune ventured into Icecrown citadel to continue where we stopped at friday, and made a further progress by defeating Sindragosa. It wasn’t easy, we had some wipes at first, but eventually we 9-manned it!

Afterwards we continued to the Lich King to practice the tactics and had expirienced our first Defile! That’s one nice little spell :D

Congratulations everyone for really well done job there!

Our Icecrown Citadel gallery has ben expanded with some of the pictures from the Sindragosa kill and me telling Lich King to surrender (well he didn’t -.-)


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One Comment on "Icecrown Citadel progress: Sindragosa"

  1. Hawk July 11, 2010 at 12:36 pm -

    Good job everyone! Imba kill :D

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