World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

The time has come! Today is the launch date of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm! For what I hear, login servers are as expected, dead :) I hope you managed to get your copy of the game or you are about to get your hands on it during the day. Enjoy the gaming!

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Release of Cataclysm

As you know, patch 4.0.1 is rolled on PTR. Even tough that  Blizzard didn’t announce the release of new expansion of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm because the release can still be postponed, according to MMO-Champion, very potential release date for Cataclysm is the first week of November (November 2).

The first part of the Cataclysm prologue started exactly 8 weeks before that and the next part of the pre-Cataclysm event will probably happen in 2 or 4 weeks depending on their schedule.

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Lich King defeated by Rune

Yesterday evening Rune has successfuly defeated Lich King on 10-man normal version. Finally, we got our Kingslayers title, well deserverd! Congratulations everyone for great success.

Lich King drops: Tel’thas, Dagger of the Blood King & Valius, Gavel of the Lightbringer

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Guild Leveling – Guild Perks List

Guild Talents were removed a while back and replaced with Guild Perks.

There are 25 guild levels and each level will automatically reward with an extra perk. The leveling process remains unchanged and your guild will gain experience through PvP, Dungeon and Raid progression, questing, etc …

Guild currency has also been removed and rewards will just be “unlocked” after you reach a specific level or complete a guild achievement. Once a reward is unlocked, members will be able to purchase it with gold. Some of the rewards include guild tabards, mounts, heirlooms, and it looks like you will finally be able to have a guild tabard on your mount. (Just like the Argent Tournament banners)

New members of a guild won’t be able to buy everything directly, they will have to contribute to the progression of the guild before they can access the top rewards. Each time a player helps towards the leveling he will gain reputation with the guild, the best rewards will require players to be exalted with their guild before they can buy it.

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Icecrown Citadel progress: Sindragosa

Yesterday evening Rune ventured into Icecrown citadel to continue where we stopped at friday, and made a further progress by defeating Sindragosa. It wasn’t easy, we had some wipes at first, but eventually we 9-manned it!

Afterwards we continued to the Lich King to practice the tactics and had expirienced our first Defile! That’s one nice little spell :D

Congratulations everyone for really well done job there!

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ICC10 progress: The Crimson Hall cleared

Yesterday Rune has continued with the progress in Icecrown Citadel 10-man. Raid resulted with defeat of 10/12 bossess, new ones being  Blood Prince Council and Blood-Queen Lana’thel located in the Crimson Hall. Congratulations everyone! :)

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ICC10 progress: Professor Putricide defeated

Rune defeated Professor Putricide in Icecrown Citadel 10-man version. Good job everyone!

ICC10 progress: Valithria Dreamwalker

Rune has successfully dealed with Valithria Dreamwalker, a captured green dragon, which is the first boss of the Frostwing Halls wing of the Icecrown Citadel raid.

Cataclysm Raid Progression Refinements

Cataclysm will change a couple of things to the raiding system apparently.

  • 10-Man and 25-Man raids will share the same lockout.
  • 10-Man and 25-Man raids difficulty will be as close as possible to each other.
  • 10-Man and 25-Man raids will drop the exact same loot, but 25-man will drop a higher quantity of items.
  • Normal versus Heroic mode will be chosen on a per-boss basis in Cataclysm raids, the same way it works in Icecrown Citadel
  • For the first few raid tiers, our plan is to provide multiple smaller raids. Instead of one raid with eleven bosses, you might have a five-boss raid as well as a six-boss raid.

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Rune – The Burning Crusade gallery

I’m going to take the opportunity to post some of the pictures I have archived of Rune at times of expansion “The Burning Crusade”.

If anyone has some good screenshots, please send them to my e-mail so they can be published.

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